Do You Have Milkweed in Your Garden?

by Donna Lewis

I took some photos today even though it was very windy.

Most of the Monarchs have already come through here in Central Texas and are on their way North.  I am seeing one or two, but that is all.

So of course, just now the milkweed is blooming. Not a good situation for the Monarchs.

When the climate is off, the plants are off. And when the plants are off, so are the insects.

If you have been a lifelong gardener or a bird watcher, you have watched this scenario take place.  Observing the natural world is better than reading a book on nature.

So, now what should we do?

All I can think of is to try to plant nectar plants that bloom earlier. I do not think that will work with the milkweed. though.

We can encourage others not to mow the native milkweed down and to leave it at least till the Monarchs have moved on, and the milkweed has seeded.

That would help a little.

If each of us did a little, great things could happen.

Remember who you are gardening for.

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