Monarch Butterflies (Danus plexippus)

by Donna Lewis

So you thought we didn’t have many monarchs here in Milam County…

These little beauties were in my pollinator garden just a few weeks ago (the last week in October).

They were nectaring on blue mist flowers, which are very easy to grow.

Yes, we can make a difference for our monarch friends. This is what we do as Texas Master Naturalists. We protect the natural world so that those who come after us will get to enjoy them like we do. What an honor for us.

Make sure you plant what the butterflies need to survive. And keep on learning!

In the Dark

by Catherine Johnson

In January 2019, Master Naturalist Donna Lewis and I met at 5 am in Gause so we could go to Spring, Texas to attend a program on Monarch butterflies.

We drove in the darkness for two hours in all manner of construction and traffic that started in Plantersville and went to “sleepy” Magnolia. We continued through a forest into Dennis Johnston Park.

The speakers were enjoyable and knowledgeable, and we saw greenscapes surviving in the city.

We traveled at dusk to Navasota and Bryan. My limited experience with my rental car and weak vistion caused some tense moments along the way!

Back in Gause at Donna’s truck, she fed a stray cat, and we both drove home…in the dark.