Central Texas “Snow”

by Carolyn Henderson

Central Texas received its first notable “snow” this morning. It was very pretty, but also disruptive. It started with my daily trip to check my CoCoRAHs rain gauge. It was frosted over inside and out, and I did not have on gloves. The frost did not melt when I removed the lid to get out the gauge so I could see it. 

Hard to tell what’s going on in the rain gauge!

It was quite white on all surfaces that were not shaded by trees, and it was lovely to look at this morning. Of course, you all know it’s not snow, but it is often as close as we get around here.

Orchard Park says, brr.

After seeing news footage of what hit New England yesterday, that’s a good thing, really. Also on the bright side, my son has finally agreed that the tomato plant that wouldn’t stop has finally stopped, and I can remove it.

A cold day on the golf course!

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