First Friday Coffee at Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale

by Donna Lewis with photos from the Rockdale Library Facebook page

Our chapter was in charge of the First Friday Coffee at the Lucy Hill Patterson Library in Rockdale for January. This event is held the first Friday of the month and gives people in and around the Rockdale area the chance to learn about businesses and groups available to them.  Chapter member Victoria St. John was the coordinator of this event.

Chapter members who attended the presentation

This was a first-time event for our chapter. We had twelve members, two spouses, and one friend of the chapter soon to be a member attend. There was a total of forty visitors who came to the library to talk to us, which was a great turnout. In fact, the library staff said it was the best turnout they have had. 

People enjoying coffee and conversation with us

So, it looks like there are people in our county who are interested in nature. Several attendees expressed an interest in joining our group.

The library staff were helpful to us during the time we were there.

Members of the El Camino Real de los Tejas Historical Trail Association who attended

The El Camino Real de los Tejas Trail Association was also there with information for the public.  Joyce and Mike Conner worked at that table as well as talking about our chapter events. 

Chapter members who attended were:

John Pruett, Joyce and Mike Conner, Ann Collins, Sandra Dworaczyk, Jackie Thornton, Scott Berger, Linda Burgess, Linda Jo Conn, and Donna Lewis.

Visitors were interested in the El Camino Real Trail, butterflies, purple martins, pollinator plants and many other subjects. We had members to answer all their questions.

This would be a good event to do once a year going forward.

That’s a Wrap for Nature Days!

by Catherine Johnson

Over the course of four Saturdays this November, 88 people attended Nature Days.  Thank you, Bird and Bee Farm, for the space to reach out to support those interested in benefiting natural resources and areas. 

Donna, Kim, Janice, Alan, Debra, Dorothy, Gene, Cindy, Don, Cindy, Patricia, and Rosie were volunteers for the final Saturday. Enjoy these photos of some of our visitors and Chapter members on this beautiful day.

Third Nature Day: More of the Same

by Catherine Johnson

The third Saturday of Nature Days was rainy and cold.

Handing out plants

Guests arrived from Heidenheimer, San Antonio and Boerne and they toured the Wildscape.  Carolyn staffed the tables and discussed nature topics while Rosie helped with handing out plants and children’s gifts. 

Happy visitors with their goodies.

All the visitors plan to come back to visit in the spring.

This Saturday is the last of Nature Days for the year.  Great weather is predicted!  We should have Fall Asters, seeds, native plants, and nature gifts to share. Come visit us and let us know how your garden is doing!

Second Week of Nature Days: Chilly but Sunny

by Catherine Johnson

Our second Saturday of Nature Days on November 12 was cold and windy. Super Troopers Scott, Linda, Kim, Gene, Cindy, Patricia, and Rosie arrived bundled up for work.  New friends Kenny and Donna attended and harvested plants. 

Guests drove in from distances, including Salado, Taylor, Buda, and Driftwood.  We shared nature stories and how all were committed to benefiting natural resources and areas. 

One family brought their own picnic to the garden- what a surprise!  Children hid in the garden, picked flowers, and enjoyed the fairy garden.

Join us this Saturday to “Discover the Wonder,” as our friend, Greg Hensley, says.

First Week of Nature Days Success

by Catherine Johnson and Sue Ann Kendall

From Catherine

The weather was great for the first Saturday of Nature Days. Visiting under the oaks surrounded by wildlife was fun. 

Rio Grande turkeys and mason bee houses

Thank you to Carolyn, Donna, Scott, Suna, Debra, Gene, Cindy, Patricia, and Linda for making it a success. Linda was a real trooper for walking the entire garden with me. Also, thank you to Alan for bringing cypress trees and to Mike for the bee houses.

The best part of my day was meeting the couple who drove up from San Antonio and left with many native plants, including one of Debra Sorenson’s Turk’s Cap.

Visitors and their haul!

“Help ‘root’ people where they live so they can create their own connections and join others to care for natural resources”.     

Craig Hensley

Join us this Saturday at Bird and Bee Farm (1369 County Road 334, Rockdale, TX) from 9am – noon.

From Sue Ann

I enjoyed the chance to talk to members of our Chapter as well as visitors. I also took lots of photos of the plants and animals I saw, which I hope you will enjoy.

The highlight of the day for me was showing some visiting children the mason bee houses we have to give away and explaining to them how they worked. The young people got so excited about the idea of taking one home to welcome some busy pollinators.

Donna Lewis tries to give Scruffy a treat. Apparently, she was plumb full.

I took home two cypress trees, too, and am looking forward to planting them by one of our ponds!