The Little Dragon

by Donna Lewis

I tried to get a photo of this fellow all week.  He finally played dead on a fence as I crept up on him.  I don’t creep as well as I used to.

This is a Green Anole, commonly called a chameleon. I love them.  They are so neat.As a child I thought they were baby dragons.

The males have the throat thing going on, so they are easy to tell apart from the females. These lizards can change colors very quickly from gray, to brown, to bright green. The females lay a single egg every 14 to 17 days. Incubation takes 30 to 60 days depending on the temperature.

They eat mostly spiders of all kinds.  Flies and other small insects round out their diet. They like to be up off the ground, so trees and fences are popular with them. They are faster than you think, just try to get a photo and you’ll see.

Remember who loves your garden besides you,

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