Cowbird Buffet

by Donna Lewis

When the temperature goes down, so do the insects. Our birds have a harder time getting something to eat.  That’s when they need a little help from their friends.

That’s us!

So, I always buy a lot more bird seeds (I like the Black oil sunflower seeds), and dried mealworms for the Bluebirds.

Look at all the cardinals!

I put it everywhere, in the feeders and on the ground to accommodate the extra birds that come here in the winter.

There are my locals, the Cardinals, Titmice, Chickadees, Whitetail Doves, Bluebirds, and many others, who never leave our place.

Local bird friends

Then we have the “Hoard” of Goldfinch and Pine-siskins that visit in the winter. They eat a ton. Their mothers never taught them any manners.

But I love birds, so I try not to discriminate.

Patio buddies

BUT… These past few days my secret bird cafeteria was discovered by the Cowbirds!!!

Oh boy.  They descended on the seed area like the birds in the Alfred Hitchcock movie.

It was like a black cloud.

The cowbirds in action.

My other friends had no chance for any food.

I do understand they need food too, but I wish they leave a little for the locals.

What’s a Naturalist to do???

Be nice…

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