Landlord of the Pocket Gophers

by Donna Lewis

Hello folks,

It seems that I am a great landlord to all.  Everyone wants to live here.

They are cute, for sure.

Right now, my garden is asleep for its winter nap. It is looking pretty sad, but as I told you that will change come spring. So, while the garden sleeps, I had some visitors sneak in.

Evidence of gophers – mounds

This is the first time ever that Pocket Gophers have decided to reside in my garden. I should have been more vigilant before so many little gophers and their relatives decided to move in. Free room and board.

Grr, more mounds.

Now I have a huge problem. I have been trying for about 4 weeks to nicely move them out. I have bought repellent, used coffee grinds and mothballs, to no avail so far.

I asked at the Coop in Bryan Tx and their only advice was to kill them. I hate to even use that word.  I love all nature. I am still looking for something that will run them out of my garden and into the pastures where I don’t mind them living.  After all, we are in their hood.

My Brittany Spaniel was our original Gopher hunter, and trust me there were none around her. She always brought her trophies to show her love for me. 

Sadly, she passed away two years ago from old age. I miss her a lot.

Holes, the little darlings love them.

Our current two children (our dogs) have no interest in chasing after anything but a ball or a cookie.   No help there. I must do something soon or it will do a great deal of damage to the garden. I might try cat hair next, as another one of our members suggested (Cathy Johnson ).

Mother Nature, I need some help here.

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