A Hidden Visitor

by Donna Lewis

Camouflaged and silent…

I was out this beautiful morning cleaning and filling my hummingbird feeders. I finished with that, then filled up the ant moat which the chickadees drink from.

I was so shocked to see a very green tree frog not making a move in the crutch of the shepherd’s hook.

I had done all that work and sprayed with a water hose, and it never moved.  Boy was I both shocked and happy at the same time.   

While I was happy, I bet it was scared that I was a predator fixing to get him or her. It was a “Barking Treefrog”.  So wonderful to see.

Today was your lucky day, little one. A planet Earth person who loves nature was the one who found you. You made me smile. I guess we were both lucky today…

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