Red-eared Sliders: Trachemys

by Donna Lewis

If you have ever tried to photograph our common pond turtle the, Red-eared Slider, you know how hard it is. The minute they see you, hear you, or even get a vibration, they jump into the water.  So you never really get a good look at them up close.

It took days for me to sneak up on these guys down at our pond. 

I think I hear Donna! Get ready to jump!

I also think my local crows call out to them that I am coming..

Red-eared sliders like muddy bottoms and slow moving water. These are the turtles that pet stores used to sell a lot of, which is not a happy thing for the turtle. They are wild and need to be out somewhere in a pond, in my opinion.

I built a turtle dock a few years ago for them to bask on. Rotten trees tend to eventually go down into the pond, filling it up with debris.  As long as they can climb up onto the dock they are happy.

Always nice to see more nature in our own area.

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