The Cemeteries of Burlington

by Marian Buegeler

At the January chapter meeting of the ECRMN we had a presentation on cemeteries from Dr. Alston Thoms.  Afterward, we were encouraged to visit a historic cemetery, of our choosing, in Milam County.  Since I have relatives interred at St. Michael’s I decided to start there.  Now, don’t think I’m an overachiever because I visited two. They are side-by-side and could be mistaken for one cemetery. 

I have been to this cemetery many times over the years but I have never taken the time to walk through and really look at the headstones.  Some of them are truly unique!

St. Michael’s Cemetery

St Michael’s Cemetery was established in 1893 and has huge, elaborate monuments and large family plots with several generations interred in each.  Although this cemetery was established in 1893, some of the graves predate its establishment because it began as a private family cemetery.  As you walk the grounds, you see the same family names time and again.  Even so, I chose to focus my attention on the graves of those who served this country in the Armed Forces.

The founders of the town
Veterans in St. Michael’s
Some of the Veterans in the Burlington cemetery

Burlington Cemetery

Burlington Cemetery was established in 1917 and like St Michael’s, you will see the same family names throughout. But, again I focused my attention to those who served this country.

The cemetery for Burlington’s non-Catholics
Headstones of some Veterans

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