Snow Reports

by Lynn Hagan, Debbi Harris, Carolyn Henderson, Sue Ann Kendall, Donna Lewis, Phyllis Shuffield, and Cindy Travis

Our area got much more snow on January 10 than we usually get. Lots of folks in the area received between four and six inches. We saw many beautiful pictures in our Facebook feeds, but here are a few more, so that our friends who are our blog subscribers can see what the natural beauty of Milam County looks like with a blanket of snow.

This gorgeous view from Lynn Hagan sets the scene.

By the way, here’s an issue a lot of us Master Naturalists had to deal with. Our CoCoRaHs rain gauges got all full of snow. We hope they get an accurate reading once the snow melts.

Carolyn Henderson’s rain gauge filled with snow for the first time.

Yesterday, we showed you what Cindy Travis’s house looked like when it first started snowing. It got just beautiful after a few more hours.

The horses were smart and stayed under the shelter!

Over at Donna Lewis’s place, the birds were brave. She reports:

Donna’s brave birds

“I bet we were not the only ones to have 8 inches of snow  and ice. Last night we had no heat, no TV and no internet. All but the heat has finally returned.

We have limbs and maybe some trees down. What a day for our little hummers. But they survived. I made warm sugar water for them early this morning.”

Says Donna, “A real Texas sized snowman family!!!”

Phyllis Shuffield got a LOT of snow on her property. Her trees were beautiful.

Snowscape from Phyllis

Sue Ann really liked the snow as it set gently down on the trees in her little woods. It was a great day to explore!

Snow on trees at Sue Ann’s ranch

Lynn Hagan lives on a hill with a view, so some of her snow shots had actual vistas!

A world of snow!
Two views from Lynn’s place.

More Photos!

After we first published this post, we got some more submissions, so we decided to just add them here. It’s all so beautiful and well worth saving, because it doesn’t happen often.

Debbi Harris reported that they got 6″ of snow in Griffin Chapel.

Donna Lewis got some more photos off another camera, and sent these beauties in. You can see a black-chinned hummingbird in the feeder photo.

Lynn Hagan also sent in a few more photos of the trees around her place.

Update from January 12

The snow melted a lot on January 11, but then it got really cold overnight. The ground was very moist, which is conducive for fog formation. Since it was cold, the result was frozen fog! There’s weather you don’t see often. This let to a very thick blanket of frosty ice, especially where the snow had melted but it was very damp. Sue Ann got some photos of the frost at the Hermits’ Rest Ranch.

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