Much Needed Rain

By Marian Buegeler

After months of trace amounts of rainfall, we have finally gotten some much needed rain.  From the morning of Wednesday, December 30 to Thursday morning, I have received 3.81 inches of rain.  As I write this on December 31, over an inch of rain has fallen again today.

These first two photos are of Mustang Creek where it crosses County Road 133.  I am standing in my pasture looking across the road toward the neighbors property. It looks like the fences are going to need some repairs, again.

Mustang Creek near County Road 133
That fence won’t hold much longer with all that debris on it!

The next few photos are of Mustang Creek as it winds through the pasture.

Mustang Creek
Mustang Creek
Another view of Mustang Creek

This last photo is of North Elm Creek.  You have to know just how deep this creek bed is to fully appreciate the volume of water flowing through it.

North Elm Creek

Unfortunately these photos are not of the creeks at their peak.  Both had receded by the time I hiked out to the pasture to take these pictures.

PS: For more photos of flooding on Walker’s Creek, a little south of Marian’s and also in North Milam County, see Sue Ann’s blog from New Year’s Eve.

Walker’s Creek, usually a ditch over by those trees.

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