A Tiny Toad

by Donna Lewis

This cute little baby toad was jumping around near where my water hose is by the house.  I had placed a flat rock under the hose to keep it from making a hole. So it’s always damp.

Teeny tiny toad

A pair of Gulf Coast Toads (Bufo valliceps valliceps)  have made their home under the rock, so it is most likely one of their babies. It was so tiny I hardly saw it.

These guys eat insects, so are very helpful to us humans.

The difference between a frog and a toad are:

  • Toads have a plump body.
  • A toad’s skin is dry and warty.
  • Toad’s have a large bump (poison gland) just behind each ear.
  • Toads hop , though only a few inches at a time.
  • Toads lay their eggs in a string

Nature is so cool!!

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