The Big Kahuna Lizard Thing

by Donna Lewis

Just the other day, I was in my garden and leaned against an oak tree with my hand. Something heavy and wet then scooted  across my hand. Boy, I pulled my hand back just in time to see the biggest lizard looking thing I ever saw in my garden!

Broad-headed skink, iNaturalist photo by (c) Alan R. Biggs. Creative Commons. 

After I composed myself, I looked a little closer to the beast. It was the biggest skink I ever came across. It climbed up to the higher parts of the tree and ducked inside a hole.

It turned out to be a Broad-headed Skink (Plestiodon laticeps). This fellow likes dead trees usually near a forest environment. That makes another good use for a snag (dead tree).

These skinks can look very different. This one is from © Dawn Carrie, and was observed July 3 of this year.

This skink eats insects and other small lizards. I was glad to discover that humans were not on the list.

It was pretty neat seeing it. Keep your eyes open, and maybe you’ll see one, too.

Nature has amazing creatures everywhere. You just need to look.

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