Midnight Madness

by Catherine Johnson

Before the storm hit last night, two young canine siblings were barking at something. Their mom sleeps indoors and only barks when she knows something bad is going on.

I was watching a movie, but walked out in gown and flip flops. I immediately heard loud rattling.  Our snake killer, Boscoe,  was facing what turned out to be a 3-foot rattlesnake. 

I went and told everyone to get up. They also came out wearing flip flops, but Daughter had us all spotlights.

I found my gun but no shells, while my husband and daughter were in a daze. During a great uproar and shouting, we were able to get dogs in house, kill the snake and tend to Boscoe, who had huge fang marks on his nose. 

Fang marks are near his eyes. Lower left and higher right, across the black strip.

Boscoe got nervous staying inside and ran off in the storm after I brought a doghouse on the porch.  I saw him at 5 am again.  The Warrior.

Poor Boscoe!

2 thoughts on “Midnight Madness”

  1. OMG, poor Boscoe. I would have had a heart attack when I heard the rattling. Glad you weren’t bit and hope Boscoe recovers.


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