Spring in Rose’s Garden

by Catherine Johnson

The Milam Wildscape Project is within the 100-acre prairie Bird and Bee Farm. Mr. Rek’s parents originally owned the land, and the garden is named after his Mom, Rose. 

Herbs and native plants

The garden is bursting with wildflowers, natives, bushes, trees, and vines. Milkweed will be planted soon. Many creatures call the garden home. 

Camouflaged garden kitty
Helping out with bug control

Two new additions are a large metal sculpture for photo ops and LED lighting that covers the entire Wildscape! 

Charming photo background for visitors
New lighting

A new garden room is under construction with donated tin from Donna Lewis.

Charming new gazebo from donated material

Before the shutdown, the Rek’s sold over 1,000 chickens in 21 days. Everyone wants to go back to nature😊.  

Easter eggs of many colors

They will reopen the end of May and are also incubating Rio Grande turkeys now. Available later this year will be custom chicken houses.

These utility poles that are being used for erosion control have also been donated.

Aside from future nature programs, we plan to have a Master Naturalist table on some weekends.  If any chapter members would like to earn Volunteer Hours for working in the Wildscape, email me. You will able to work ALONE.  

Cindy Rek found these huge buddleia plants for only three dollars!
Weeping lantana

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