A Spring Day in Texas

by Catherine Johnson

This past spring on a cool, clear day, my daughter Rosie and I picked up Master Naturalist Donna Lewis and Danielle Ramos in Milano at dawn.  We traveled to Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site for an enjoyable edible plant walk.  Master Naturalist Patrick Still and his wife also attended. 

The group of travelers (this was before social distancing).

Along the way we saw chickens, longhorns, and wildflowers.  We then toured the “Birthplace of Texas” where in 1836 Texas declared independence from Mexico to become the Republic of Texas.

A new friend!

After lunch and Jet Fuel coffee to keep us going, we headed to the Antique Rose Emporium in Independence.  Donna kept us laughing with her tales.  Once she was visiting a nearby farm and a “nice” miniature horse bit her.  The children on the tour got scared and ran away! 

Beautiful gardens.

The Emporium was stunning, and we found our favorite blooming sweet peas.  We also found artisan beer, wine and snacks at the new bistro there.  While relaxing on a porch surrounded by flowers and wind chimes, we noticed a long black crack on a building which turned out to be a snake! We said nothing so as not to “scare the children”. 

Yeah, kids, that’s just a crack in the wood.

As we left, we saw a bride having her picture taken among the roses. We were too tired to stop for dinner, so Donna got home by dark—–a perfect spring day in Texas.

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