July Wildscape Project Update

by Catherine Johnson

The Wildscape garden project is doing great, despite the recent heat.  It is nice to be able to irrigate every inch the way we have it set up. We hope you enjoy the photos of some of the flowers in bloom now.  

Coral periwinkle

Butterflies and hummingbirds have found the flowers and are arriving in good numbers. 

Trailing lantana

We’re happy to report that more items have been donated to the garden, including some solar water fountains that will provide a soothing sound and the moving water source many insects and birds enjoy. 

Zinnia and agastache

Many native plants are thriving, and we have plans to plant small trees in the fall, for their best chance of success. 

Puppy tails

Also, in bird news, upwards to 600 Rio Grande turkeys were requested this year at Bird and Bee Farm, and they are building new structures for chickens, where they can roam outside in the prairie.

Want to Help?

There will be notices for work days and events in the near future.  If anyone wants to help now or view the Wildscape, email or call me at cpc69earth@gmail.com or 512-446-3885. 

4 thoughts on “July Wildscape Project Update”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous. With being a first year garden, great progress. It takes time for a garden/wildscape to emerge. Great work done by Catherine and the others that put their hands in the soil and their ideas to reality.

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