Pied Piper of Gophers

by Donna Lewis

Yesterday, I was outside walking around picking up debris from our recent snow and ice storm, when I felt something following me. I looked down, and this really big Pocket Gopher was creeping along about a foot behind me. I stopped, it stopped. I started walking again, and so did it. It didn’t look injured so I could not figure out why it was out of the ground.

I think Donna has some food.

I tried to gently herd it back to a protected area, but it just kept by me. My dogs were in the house, or it would have really been in danger.

This went on for about 30 minutes, until I finally moved it under a huge pile of limbs from the storm. It went under and I did not see it come out again.

This is my GOOD side!

Maybe he knew I wouldn’t hurt him??? This is the second time this year this has happened.    If I could just get them to follow me out of my garden, I would really have some nature power…

Lucky for me I had my camera on the porch so I got a great  photo of him.

Goodbye my little friend…

The Barking Baby

By Donna Lewis

A few days ago, I was headed out to the back pasture when I walked right up to a tiny Pocket Gopher with his little back end up in the air as he was digging in the ground.

Dirt was flying everywhere.  He must have gotten out in the open because there was no tunnel to dive into.

I’m thinking… buddy you need to watch what you’re doing or one of my dogs will get you because you are not paying attention.

So I reached down and touched him on his little tail.

Lordy mercy…he jumped up and started running around my boot barking at me.

I was laughing so hard.

I had my camera in my pocket so I took a photo of him.  He was really telling me what he thought.

Angry little pocket gopher!

And no, I never kill these little creatures, even though they eat things in my garden. They aerate the soil and add organic matter to the areas where they are. So they do some good for us. 

Everything has a purpose.