ECRTMN Class of 2023 Kicks Off

By Carolyn Henderson

The El Camino Real chapter of Texas Master Naturalist class of 2023 kicked off to a great start Thursday night. With the 13 new student trainees, trainers Kathy Lester and Alan Rudd, and plenty of “elder” members, it was a full house.

Mike Mitchell shares about the Texas Master Naturalist program.

Retired Game Warden Mike Mitchell presented the program giving students in-depth knowledge of how Texas Master Naturalist got its start and explained all the inner workings and why all the rules are there.  Mitchell was the first advisor of the chapter and instrumental, along with a few other members – some still active, in creating the chapter 15 years ago. Texas Master Naturalist is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 

Lester then touched on the schedule for the next few months. Rudd organized a break-out session putting three to four students and existing members together with a topic of discussion, so we can all get to know each other better. The break-out sessions are planned for each class session. 

Current members and non-class members tried to sit in the back.

And finally, the class members voted to have pot-luck meals each week, so they should fit right in to the chapter. When you have a Thursday free, come meet the new students. State Biologist Tim Siegmund is the presenter next week. 

Learning in progress.

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