Wildscape Progress for August

 by Catherine Johnson

The Wildscape project at Bird and Bee Farm between Rockdale and Milano has survived the worst part of the summer and the plants are starting to have their fall flush. 

These plants are reblooming!

Eight small trees have been planted, with more to arrive. Donna Lewis donated Senna trees and we have four New Mexico Privet and Vitex as well. 

Here are former dog-food bins converted to planters for vinca.

When it’s all planted in, The garden will have a Fringe tree, Sumac, and some unusual native shrubs, trees and plants plus many vines. 

Raspberry yarrow – moths will like the lighter blossoms.

A Moon/Moth garden has now been started, with a southwest garden on the way. 

A silky hen inspects a plump native passionfruit.

Many native grasses will be planted soon for erosion control and for the wildlife. Their deep roots will be a real asset to the land’s stability. 

One of the resident chickens checks out a path.

Pathways are taking shape, and much more construction will take place in the fall. 

The Wildscape will soon receive its Monarch Waystation Certification and our team will be working towards several other certifications and awards for the area. 

The Wildscape gets plenty of butterflies of all kinds.

Remember, you can help! Work days for hours will be announced.  The customers at the Bird and Bee Farm have been very interested in learning about the Wildscape and about Master Naturalists. What a great benefit! Contact me to work there now or for a tour. 

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