As Linda Jo Says, Let’s Get Outside

by Donna Lewis

Yes, it is winter here, crazy Texas winter.

But it is nice today and there are some really neat things out there.  Just look for them.

I do have the little native bees out foraging.  It’s hard to catch a photo of them since they are quick.

I have some neat-looking mushrooms and moss also. In the sun they are very pretty and nice to touch.  Close your eyes as you gently touch and listen to Mother Earth.

Also, there are still too many fritillary chrysalis hanging everywhere, even on “Babe.”

So, before it gets down to sub-freezing weather again, go outside. Take your dogs with you and enjoy the weather.

By the way, if you happened to be outside late last night, the stars and dark blue sky can be wondrous. You can look up and imagine the millions of other beings looking up at us.

Our Texas song we have heard most of our lives, if we were born here, kept playing in my head.

Go ahead and sing it…

The stars at night are big and bright, boom boom boom, deep in the heart of Texas!!

Now get outside, like Linda Jo Conn tells us every week.

Lichens, Mushrooms, and More

by Donna Lewis

The day before the snowstorm I took a little walk in our five-acre woods.

After all the rain we just had, lots of beautiful things were emerging.

I cannot identify most of them, but they are so cool.  Some of you might know what they are. I love to touch the green moss that was back there with all the other interesting things.

So many things to see, so little time.

Nature quietly waits for us to come and look.