A Visit to Hamilton Chapel Cemetery

by Catherine Johnson

As part of our “Let’s Get Outside” activities, I visited Hamilton Chapel Cemetery.  It is located before you get to Champions Drive [in Milam County], and where I live was part of the Hamilton community.

Entrance to Hamilton Chapel Cemetery

In 1860 Mr. Hamilton donated land for a church, school and cemetery.  Gravesites include a woman who was a citizen of the Republic of Texas. 

Nancy Anders, citizen of the Texas Republic

Also, Hicks Carlisle and his parents are buried there. Hicks and his brother James volunteered for World War I in 1917. Both were killed in France on the same day in 1918. They received many heroic awards. 

Old graves behind a fence of the style common in this area

A tribute to a young boy reads, “How much light , How much joy, is buried with a Darling Boy.”

Grave detail

The entry road had been improved and clearing started. It is a peaceful place of nature and worthy of maintaining.

Wonder what these were for?
Oaks at the cemetery