Look Who Dropped In!

by Donna Lewis

My favorite little frog was sitting in one of the frog tubes that I made and installed in the garden.

Spot the frog!

Mike Conner put the instructions on our website Easy to make.

(editor’s note: I looked for the instructions on the website but couldn’t find them. I did find this link to Texas Parks and Wildlife’s YouTube instructions and am sharing the video below! Fun.

It is a Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea). I just love them. They look so sweet.  This baby did not move an inch when I walked right up to it.

I actually didn’t see it until I was close because I was cleaning up part of my garden where the little froggy house is. I didn’t want to get too close and scare it.

These frogs like to be near area’s where it is moist and protected. I have it attached to a trellis with vines on it. So, it’s shady and moist and the frog can hide out under the trellis.

What a nice surprise.