The Last Bumblebee for Autumn

By Donna Lewis

The last week in November, I found this bumblebee on a fall aster in my garden.

After looking at the bee chart, I believe it to be a Bombus variabilis.

If someone is better at identifying bees, let me know if I am incorrect.

I asked it to move its wings so I could look at its body, but I guess I can’t speak bee language. Anyway, it was a beauty as far as bees go.

It has since gotten cooler, so I am only seeing honeybees right now. I have been putting out some sugar water for them, since there are no flowers still in the pasture or my garden. They are also in need of water, since we are still in a drought.

Honeybees enjoying their treats

All creatures need water. So just the simple act of keeping water out can help our nature friends. We are all charged with caring for the wild things.